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Hydraulic Impact Hammer Construction Site Initial Piling Test Went Smoothly


Autumn , the harvest season! Good news comes form Brunei. Our Hydraulic impact hammer, Guangdong Liyuan HHP16 and HHP20 two hydraulic piling hammers, goes smoothly in the piling test of construction site. Piling test site is located in the construction site in Brunei Temburong Bridge. After the early months of careful preparation, was started in mid-August test piles. These two successful test pile hydraulic hammer pile for future construction and lay a solid foundation.

With the country "along the way" and to promote the implementation of the policy, "along the way" along the country's infrastructure will continue to increase. STARKE will seize this opportunity to help the Southeast Asian country's infrastructure, provide quality Piling equipment and advanced construction program is "along the way" along the country's infrastructure.


CHINA CONSTRUCTION SIXTH ENGINEERING DIVISION CORP.,LTD (CSCEC) has started in project engineering Brunei Temburong Bridge pile construction, six Division I hydraulic hammer will be started to provide efficient, environmentally friendly, energy-saving Piling equipment for construction of the project. Our technical staff will be based in the project construction site, to provide customers with complete follow-up services and technical guidance. We wish CSCEC will process a success project in Brunei Temburong.