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Hydraulic offshore pile driver
Hydraulic offshore pile driver
Pilling Rigs It Can Equip With:
  • Hydraulic offshore pile driver

HHD Series Deep Water Hydraulic Impact Hammer

  • Advantage:
    1. High Automation
    2. Digitalization Surveillance & Control System
    3. World's Leading Performance
  • Scope Of Application --------- Video
    Tube Pile, Square Pile, In Situ Pile
    Steel Tube, H-Pile, Steel Board
  • HHD Series Deep Water Hydraulic Impact Hammer is designed for offshore pile driving task.
    The advanced of our  offshore 
    hammer is below:

    1. Compact size,  portable; 

    2. Strong impact power with 2G force, high crushing efficiency, and small rebound force; 

    3. Low noise, High reliability, Economic and durable; 

    4. Imported key components, reliable quality; 

    5. Various forms of pick and pile caps to alert

    After all of these advances, we make our most effort to prevent the potential of ocean pollution like oil leak, noise , etc during all the procedure of design and manufacture. 

    Gains over 20 years of pilling equipment experience, we believe our new HHD Series Deep Water Hydraulic Impact Hammer will bring you a more suitable, efficient, economic, powerful pile driving experience offshore and deep-sea.

    Our new generation of hydraulic impact hammer for deep water condition is coming out soon. please keep in touch with our Sales.