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JUS Series Crawler piling rig
JUS Series Crawler piling rig
Pilling Rigs It Can Equip With:
  • JUS Series Crawler piling rig
  • 14-2-2
  • diesel-hammer
  • 02-131456042
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JUS Series Crawler piling rig

  • Advantage:
    1. High Working Efficiency
    2. Wide Location Adjustment Range
    3. Low Energy Consumption
  • Scope Of Application --------- Video >>
    Tube Pile, Square Pile, In Situ Pile
    Steel Tube, H-Pile, Steel Board
  • Detail Description of JUS Series Crawler Piling Rig
    JUS crawler piling rig can be attached with drilling machine, hydraulic pile driver and diesel hammer. Its electric driving system features low energy consumption, low noise, low vibration and little pollution. The walking crawler and the 360-degree-turn tower contribute to its high working efficiency. The tower is convenient for lifting. The major and auxiliary winch can be controlled either synchronously or separately. JUS crawler piling rig moves and operates flexibly. It has a wide location adjustment range and high location adjustment precision.

    Parameter Table of JUS Series Crawler Piling Rig

    Technical parameter
    Unit JUS120 JUS90 JUS60
    Length of chassis (projection) mm 6300 6000 4800
    Width of chassis mm 5000 5000 4800
    Mainframe transportation size m 19X3.2X3.2 18X3.2X3.2 10X3.0X3.2
    Max. load T 40 25 15
    Max. model with SWM method 850 650
    Max. model with drilling power head 580 480 450
    Drilling depth m 30 28 27
    Dia. of pile frame pipe mm 720 630 530
    Max promoted force T 60 40 40
    Max. drilling diameter mm 800 800 800
    Climbing ability % 30 30 30
    Max. driving load T 120 70 50
    Grounding pressure MPa 0.1 0.1 0.1
    Track shoe width mm 800 800 700

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