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Hydraulic Impact Hammer
  • HHP4 Hydraulic Impact Driver working with Crawler Piling Machine

  • HHP16 piling raking pile in Panama

  • HHP35 Project of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge(HZMB)

  • HHP20 and HHP14 working in Shangdong Bingzhou port

  • Hydraulic impact hammer driving Larsen concrete pile in China innovationally

  • HHP20 hydraulic hammer driving φ1000mm,23000mm length piles in ShangDong Province

  • HHP20 Gaolan Prot in ZHUHAI project

  • HHP14 Hydraulic Impact Hammer working with JB100E Foot-Step Piling RIG

  • HHP12 hydraulic hammer piling φ600mm precast piles with walking type piling rig

  • HHP16 hydraulic impact hammer equip with clawer crane driving batter pile in Panama

  • HHP8 Hydraulic hammer driving φ377mm , 15000mm length piles through over 7000MM thick sand layer

  • HHP12 210KJ strike energy working with walking type piling rig

  • HHP14 Hydraulic Impact Hammer piling offshore in Indonesia

  • 3 Sets of HHP20 working in HongKong airport

  • HHP20 working in Egypt Port

  • HHP20 working in Australia

  • HHP14 Hydraulic hammer Working in Macau for Subway