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Industry News
Introduction to Offshore Wind Farm Infrastructure Construction
Combined with the experience of offshore wind farm construction domestic and overseas, pile foundation structure is main form of structure with the development of offshore wind farm industry in China. And pile structure, single pile structure of the best
Discussion of Offshore Steel Pipe Pile Foundation Construction
With the completion of the main bridge of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge in the world's largest cross-sea bridge, the construction experience of steel foundation piles as bridge, wind power station, harbor and wharf is mature in China. Based on the success
Discussion on the Development of Pile Foundation Technology
In recent twenty years, pile foundation construction technology has developed rapidly at home and abroad, at least the following trends worthy of attention. STARKE will continue to high-quality products, closely follow the development trend of pile founda
A Brief Review of Bauma 2016 Munich in Germany
This show turned out to be a great success exhibition. Many exhibitor filled up there order books with more than expected speed. Visitors are more tend to order products than find investment opportunity. We are glad to see that global market is growing in