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STARKE mine hammer/rock breaker - New solution to break the hard rock
STARKE mine hammer - New solution to break the hard rock. The government limits the use of explosives, Existing equipment cannot meet construction requirements Has it become your trouble? !
STARKE HHP20 is successful in the first show of a Southeast Asian country
At this time, Guangdong Liyuan Sparta HHP20 (300kj) hydraulic hammer is sent to the client site on schedule. After experiencing the complicated and changeable environment on the sea, including wind sp
STARKE JB62E pile frame +HD50 diesel hammer ready to commission in southeast Asia
Recently, our company independently developed and produced JB62E walking pile frame + HD50 cylinder diesel hammer complete shipment, will soon go to Southeast Asia project site.
STARKE in Zhoushan Daishan Sea-Crossing Bridge project
Liyuan, Guangdong Province, is involved in the construction of the Zhoushan Daishan Sea-Crossing Bridge project located in Cengang Street. As a key link of the main passage of Zhoushan Port in Ningbo, the Zhoushan-Daishan Sea-Crossing Bridge starts at C
búa đóng cọc búa Diesel (in China)
búa đóng cọc búa Diesel in china Nhà sản xuất cọc số 1 tại Trung Quốc.
"STARKE" hydraulic hammer power road bridge project steel pipe pile smooth construction
"STARKE" hydraulic hammer power road bridge project steel pipe pile smooth construction
Introduction to Offshore Wind Farm Infrastructure Construction
Combined with the experience of offshore wind farm construction domestic and overseas, pile foundation structure is main form of structure with the development of offshore wind farm industry in China. And pile structure, single pile structure of the best
Discussion of Offshore Steel Pipe Pile Foundation Construction
With the completion of the main bridge of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge in the world's largest cross-sea bridge, the construction experience of steel foundation piles as bridge, wind power station, harbor and wharf is mature in China. Based on the success
Construction Conditions, Wquipment Introduction--Congratulations to the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge--Base Construction Complet
The pile diameter is φ2500mm, the length of pile is 67m, the depth of striking is 62m (the depth from sea surface to strongly weathered bedrock). Because it is offshore construction and the construction area is the life of Chinese white dolphin Water, con
Guangdong Liyuan Hidraŭlika maŝinaro Firmao Ltd. (STARKE) enkonduko
Guangdong Liyuan Hidraŭlika maŝinaro Firmao Ltd. (STARK) estas eminenta Piling maŝino fabrikanto en Ĉinio. Por gajni reputacion por disponigado de alta kvalito produktoj,
Discussion on the Development of Pile Foundation Technology
In recent twenty years, pile foundation construction technology has developed rapidly at home and abroad, at least the following trends worthy of attention. STARKE will continue to high-quality products, closely follow the development trend of pile founda
STARKE invite you to 2016 Bauma China Shanghai Free
As a leading manufacturer of deep foundation equipment in China, STARKE (Guangdong Liyuan Hydraulic Machinery Co.,LTD.) will attend the grand exhibition show.Here are some helpful information of the show like Duration,Location,free admission. Hope to see