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Physical and Chemical Test Center
STARKE has its own metallographic laboratory to test every raw material to ensure each processed component from raw material to play the best performance. STARKE insists that the best quality comes form every single part and also the combination we design. So we take raw material testing seriously.
  • Iron and steel metallurgical structure analyzer

  • Iron and steel metallurgical structure analyzer 2

  • metallographic analyzer

  • Hardness machine metallographic analyzer

  • universal materials tester

  • Brinell hardness tester and rockwell hardness tester

  • 5KW experimental furnace

  • HR 150A rockwell hardness tester

  • HV 10B low load vickers hardness tester

  • HX 1000 microhardness tester

  • 4X optical metallographic microscope

  • Control laboratory

  • HX 1000 microscopic hardness meter

  • PG 1 metallographic sample polishing machine

  • QG 1 metallographic sample cutting machine

  • Testing the raw material

  • Sample preparation equipment

  • WA 300B electro hydraulic universal testing machine

  • XJL 02A optical metallographic microscope

  • XQ 1 metallographic sample mounting press