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Production facility
In order to manufacture high quality piling equipments for you, we have imported over 160 new sets of advanced production facilities. STARKE has full ability to manufacture accurate components to satisfy the design requirement.
  • Overview of process workshop 1

  • CK6136e CNC lathe

  • Overview of process workshop 2

  • Digital milling machine

  • Overview of branch factory

  • CKW61125 numerical control lathe

  • Sets of Milling machine

  • CK61110P numerical control lathe

  • Large CNC lathe

  • Horizontal CNC boring machine 2

  • CW61100A engine lathe

  • CW61125E heavy duty lathe

  • Paint spray booth

  • CW61180 lathe

  • Horizontal CNC boring machine

  • M1450B universal cylindrical grinder

  • Planomiller

  • Workshop of assambling press in piling machine

  • YB3180 gear hobbing machine