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Service & OEM
We fully understand the piling machine market, thus able to develop products to meet customers' individual needs. Our stock quantity of all components is kept stable, so we can provide components to our customers at any time.

We offer services in installation, adjustment and training. The quality guarantee period is 6 months. After the guarantee period , we will still trace the working condition of hour products and provide services according to our customers' requirements.

Pre-Sale: To study and analyze the customer and the market, to develop products that satisfy the market or individualized need of the customers.

In-sale: To provide professional technical consultation, solutions, product recommendation and guidance of use for individualized need of customers.

After-sale: After-sale follow-up service to establish complete customer archive, inquire about the performance of products after being sold and leased and follow up with better-quality products and better service.

OEM Now we have been providing OEM service for ICE in the US over 12 years. Our high quality diesel hammers and hydraulic vibratory hammers perform excellent piling property which is highly praised by the customer.



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