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STARKE Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer SV40T, SV40T Speed Up the PV Project Schedule


  With the support of Chinese government, Chinese solar power generation capacity has increase from 700,000 kW in 2005 to 28,050,000 kW in 20147. It is 40 times increase in a decade.

  STARKE’s self-design and self-produce SV40T and SV50T hydraulic vibratory hammer were introduced to this project, and help this foundation of solar power finish quickly. The vibor hammer are with concise and efficient, can help to drive the pile down by only one man to control the excavator to finish the process of picking up, focusing and piling. This construction method reduces the cost of the project and make the project goes more efficient.

  Thought there has some negative message saying that government will reduce the support to solar power project to none step by step to help the power market becoming more healthy, we also see that our high quality and efficient hammer will help our clients survive in the competition. STARKE will stick to our clients and contractors’ needs and market requirement to ensure every construction use STARKE’s pilling equipment be a high quality project.

  As STARKE”s motto: Building Base for Tomorrow. Let build a more firm foundation so that we can fight for tomorrow with much more courage. Then we will see the bright future.

  STARKE – GUANGDONG LIYUAN, professional in deep foundation pilling equipment for more than 23 years.