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Congratulations to CSCEC’s order of 8 sets of hydraulic hammers deliver on time

Congratulations to CSCEC’s order of 8 sets of hydraulic hammers deliver on time


2016-08-13 Guangdong Liyuan hydraulic machinery Co.,LTD


The latest news from the Department of business, CHINA CONSTRUCTION SIXTH ENGINEERING DIVISION CORP.,LTD (CSCEC) ‘s order of 8 sets of hydraulic piling hammer has been successfully delivered today.


These 8 sets of hydraulic pile hammer consist of HHP16 and HHP20 hydraulic impact hammer. Through strict production and factory inspection, the piling machines successfully in today's on-time delivery, to be transported to the Southeast Asian country of Brunei pale bloom bridge construction site, basis for bridge operation.


(Renderings of light bloom bridge)



Light bloom bridge locates on the northeast of Brunei, 30 km long, across the Brunei Bay, linking Brunei Moalla sea channel in area and light bloom. When the project is completed, it will become the landmark building of Brunei, Chinese construction companies contract the first works in the country.


For this project, our hydraulic hammers will drive precast concrete spun pile with the specify of  diameter 900mm, piling a depth of 90 meters.


Again, STARKE’s piling machines involves in the infrastructure in Southeast Asia, will further expand the ' STARKE ' brand visibility in the region, we further open up Southeast Asian markets and lay a solid foundation.


Here by, we wish CSCEC in Brunei Dan bloom bridge project a complete success. We will continue to follow up, and provide a high quality after-sales service.

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