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Introduction to Offshore Wind Farm Infrastructure Construction

Introduction to Offshore Wind Farm Infrastructure Construction


Combined with the experience of offshore wind farm construction domestic and overseas, pile foundation structure is main form of structure with the development of offshore wind farm industry inChina. And pile structure, single pile structure of the best economy, but its construction machinery and technology requirements are higher.

Our large hydraulic piling hammer (HHP series of hydraulic impact hammer) is designed for the construction of the offshore pile foundation of advanced deep foundation equipment. It can adapt to the characteristics of long-time high-intensity work, high-impact energy conversion and striking energy infinite control. It can break the limit of diesel hammer and improve the offshore construction capacity. It makes the foundation construction more simple and efficient.

HHP30 hydraulic piling hammer in the piling boat to play φ1700mm, 82 meters long steel pipe pile


At present, the main offshore wind turbine infrastructure is as follows:

First, the fixed structure

Monopiles Gravity Based Structures Negative Bucket

Tripod Jacket Tri-pile

Second, the floating structure

Spar structure TLP Jacket

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Wind power development situation, cost structure

Wind energy as a clean renewable energy, more and more attention from all over the world. In 2015, the global wind power industry installed capacity of 63013MW, an increase of 22%. Among them, the new installed capacity of wind power inChinareached 30500MW. By the end of 2015, the cumulative installed capacity of global wind power reached 432,419MW, a cumulative increase of 17%. The combined annual growth rate (CAGR) of the global offshore wind market is expected to be 49% in 2014-20.


China's offshore wind energy resources are expected to reach 750 million kilowatts, is 3 times the land-based wind energy resources, offshore wind farm will become the focus of future development.


The cost of power generation is the bottleneck of offshore wind power development. According to the current technology level and 20-year design life, the cost of offshore wind power generation is about 0.42 yuan (or US $ 0.05) / kWh. The cost of offshore wind power is a major factor in infrastructure costs (including manufacturing, installation and maintenance), accounting for 15 ~ 25%. Therefore, the development of low-cost offshore wind power infrastructure is a major way to reduce the cost of offshore wind power.

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