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STARKE HHP20 is successful in the first show of a Southeast Asian

STARKE HHP20 is successful in the first show of a Southeast Asian


1.Project situation

April 2018 is the hottest month in that region. The client encountered difficulties in the pile foundation project of the port and port, and the progress of the whole project was stagnant. The reason is that the geology of the construction site is complex, and the diesel hammer model given by the design institute can not deliver the pile to the specified depth.


2.Installation on board

At this time, Guangdong Liyuan STARKE’s HHP20 (300kj) hydraulic hammer is sent to the client site on schedule. After experiencing the complicated and changeable environment on the sea, including wind speed, wave, rainfall and so on, the integral piling equipment was finally installed on the barge and commissioning successfully.
(Both diesel hammer and hydraulic impact hammers on the customer's ship are STARKE’s products. The HD80 diesel hammer has been in service for more than 14 years and is still working properly.)


3.Quick hammer test and efficient training

Because our hydraulic hammer is easy to operate, and the parameters are intuitive and easy to understand, the site workers quickly grasp the operation essentials. Less than 1 hours, skilled operation, and can complete the piling process autonomously.


4.Comissioning smoothly

Customers said that the hydraulic hammer starting, operation, anti-driving and other aspects than diesel hammer has more advantages, can effectively improve construction efficiency, control the quality of piling.


5.China made big power

As the most advanced pile driving equipment of the company, hydraulic hammer will be used in more domestic offshore and land projects. As the leading brand of hydraulic pile hammer in China, we will continue to increase our efforts to promote the international market, dare to compete with international brands in quality, combat technology and promote "Made in China".



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