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STARKE in Zhoushan Daishan Sea-Crossing Bridge project

STARKE in Zhoushan Daishan Sea-Crossing Bridge project

STARKE is involved in the construction of the Zhoushan Daishan Sea-Crossing Bridge project located in Cenang Street. As a key link of the main passage of Zhoushan Port in Ningbo, the Zhoushan-Daishan Sea-Crossing Bridge starts at Cengage and extends northward. After entering the sea from Mamu Mountain, it turns northeast, crosses the Changbai West Channel and the west of Zhoushan Port in turn. The waterway and the southern channel of Dai Shan are located at Shuanghe landing in Daishan. The bridge is 16.34 kilometers long and is expected to be opened to traffic in 2021.

The 40T and 50T HHP series large hydraulic pile hammers supplied by Guangdong Liyuan to Ningbo Harbour Company are epoch-making upgraded products developed by the company in 2016. The newly developed hydraulic system can improve the effective power use of the output power, reduce energy consumption, change the original double cylinder lifting to single cylinder lifting, effectively solve the synchronization problem of double cylinder lifting. Intelligent electronic control system hardware adopts imported microcomputer controller, visual monitoring, humane operation, can be adapted to use in harsh working conditions; the entire system parameters can be monitored and data storage functions, parameters include: energy, frequency, displacement, hydraulic system temperature, pressure, etc., through the process requirements of accurate control play The hydraulic system displacement can be adjusted according to the technological requirements. The control system is composed of multi-protocol, multi-communication port and multi-functional communication architecture, which can connect to the Internet + device terminal.

Guangdong Liyuan is the first private enterprise in China to set up a project to develop hydraulic pile hammer in 2000. After 17 years, the product type has been from single 14T class to today's 3-80T class to form a series of products; hydraulic system control has been improved from single-acting to double-acting technology; product application environment has changed from inland civil buildings to ocean wind power and cross-sea bridges. Pile foundation; participate in the national key projects from Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge to the boat crossing bridge. Guangdong Liyuan Hydraulic Pile Driving Hammer has become a leader in the manufacture of hydraulic pile hammer technology in China, from staggering to striding forward.

The depth of achievement of a new height! Starke come on!

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