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compare the quality of Concrete fc (Mpa) and the quality of the concrete K (kg/cm2)

compare the quality of Concrete fc (Mpa) and the quality of the concrete K (kg/cm2)

Understanding the quality of Concrete fc (Mpa) and the quality of the concrete K (kg/cm2)

For the precast pile, many of us have consider the strength of the pile by the concrete on it. Knowing this two kinds  of description of concrete strength will help us more tho how to choose the perfect match the pile with hammer. 

Concrete is part of the construction that is made from a mixture of some of the material so that the strength will be depends on a lot of the material condition of the shape or on the manufacturing process.
For it is the quality of the ingredients and the process of its implementation should be controlled so that achieved optimal results.

The quality of Concrete of fc '
Concrete with mufu fc ' 25 stating the minimum compressive strength is 25 MPa concrete at the age of 28 days, using concrete cylinder diameter of 15 cm, height 30 cm.
Refers to the standard SNI 03-2847-2002 which refers to ACI (American Concrete Institute).
Mpa = Mega Pascal; 1 MPa = 1 N/mm2 = 10 kg/cm2.

The Quality Of The Concrete Characteristics
Concrete quality K-250 States the minimum characteristic compressive strength is250 kg/cm2 at a concrete age 28 days, using concrete cube size 15x15x15 cm.
Referring to the PBI 71 which refers to the old European standard
K. 400, compressive strength of concrete = 400 kg/cm2, with test cube 15 x 15 x 15
F'c = 40 MPa = concrete compressive strength = 40 Mpa, with the test cylinder diameter 15 cm high-30 cm

quality test of concrete
The following conversion table of quality concrete, concrete fc to K.

conversion table quality concrete
Practical value to match the quality of the concrete between SNI and PBI
Test cube objects conversion factors to the cylinder = 0.83
Unit conversion kg/cm2 to Mpa; 1 MPa = 1 N/mm2 = 10 kg/cm2
or 1 MPa = (100/9.81) kg/cm2; gravity = 9.81 m/s2
(if set in particular by Design Consultants)


1 MPa = 1 N/mm2 = 10 kg/cm2

FC. 5 Mpa is equivalent to = (5x10)/50 = 0.83/0.83 = 60.24 kg/cm2
K. 100 kg/cm2 = equivalent (100/10) x 0.83 = 10 x = 8.3 0.83 Mpa
(practical way)

the table above is an example of which can be used as a reference in determiningthe quality of the concrete in the implementation associated with the understanding between the quality of the concrete with fc (Mpa) and K (kg/cm2).
To know the certainty of the composition of the mixture and the desired quality of the laboratory test can be done Mix Design (the investigation material) as well as do slump test

the concrete slump test table
The determination of the value of Fc ' can also be based on the results of testing on the value of the fck obtained from test results press the test cube objects-150 mm.
In this case the fc ' obtained from the conversion calculation follows:
FC ' = 0.76 (+ 0.2 log (fck/15) fck
Or the second comparison test objects, to practical needs could be taken ranged 0.83 (as the explanation above).

K. 330 (kg/cm2)------> MPa. By multiplying 0.098 == > fck = 0.098 = 29.4 x 300 MPa
Conversion of K to the Fc as follows:

FC ' = 0.76 (+ 0.2 log (fck/15) fck

300 k = 300 kg/cm2 = ...
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