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Happy Lantern Festival , STAKRE is moving forward!

Happy Lantern Festival , STAKRE is moving forward!


2016 Horn has sounded. In order to enhance the strength of the company's entire sales team, our company on February 20, 2016 business etiquette expert Sun Ying the teacher was invited to our sales and professional after-sales personnel training. On 21st and intensive training of all sales staff product knowledge and to identify each area 2016 sales direction.

Based on years of industry technology, customer-oriented, quality and service, we will focus on increasing hydraulic pile hammers, hydraulic vibration hammer, performance of various types of piles, and a solid market of diesel pile hammer, improving marketing personnel expertise, perfect after-sales service at home and abroad, highlighting the source as a pile foundation industry in Guangdong advanced enterprise's strength.

Customers are welcomed to visit us, contact us and let us know your needs and we will be happy to provide you with high quality, high performance of pile foundation machinery and equipment.

While today is Yuan-month 15th, the Lantern Festival, STARKE wish you and family well-being, everything goes well。
Happy Lantern Festival!

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