High Energy Rock Breaker Manufacturer
High Energy Rock Breaker Manufacturer

Our Advantage

STARKE mine hammer/rock breaker -

New solution to break the hard rock


01 Strong ability to strike
-120KJ is 3 times more powerful than the traditional 195 breaker.


02 Construction speed
-ZC50 mine hammer measured construction data: Fujian granite 250m3 a day, bluestone 450m3, sandstone 100m3, traditional broken hammer is not enough speed? Sparta is coming! ! !


03 Configure the excavator tonnage
- Excavators from 40T or more can be equipped with our hammers. As long as you have a digging machine, we will hammer!
Self-contained power system, no burden on the oil path of the heavy excavator;
No need to press down on the boom, not to hurt the excavator system!

STARKE is a professional manufacturer of High Energy Rock Breaker for more than 20 years in China.


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High Energy Rock Breaker
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