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Hydraulic hammer contrast electric vibration hammer construction steel sheet pile, steel pipe pile method has strong penetration ability, high bearing capacity, fast efficiency and other advantages. Due to the different geological conditions in each region, the design function of the pile is not the same. Support pile, load pile. Most of the steel pipe piles used in bridge construction are used for carrying capacity, so the bearing capacity of single pile bearing capacity is high. In the past a lot of bridge construction in the steel pipe pile technology is the use of vibration hammer construction. But because the vibration hammer is difficult to penetrate the hard layer, clay layer. Fail to meet the design requirements of bearing capacity. The technical characteristics of the hydraulic hammer can fill the construction shortcomings. For the construction unit to increase the diversified construction tool. With pictures


Case study: a bridge in Henan Luohe encountered difficulties in the construction process, the engineering geological structure belongs to the silty clay. In the use of vibration hammer construction diameter 630MM, 830MM steel pipe pile can not penetrate the clay layer, can not reach the design pile length. The project design pile length of 15 meters, in the use of 125KN exciting force of the vibration hammer pile pile process can only sink to 8 meters or so can not continue to pile. From the construction process, it is concluded that the geology of silty clay is not suitable for the construction of vibration hammer.

With pictures


For customers to worry about difficulties: After a clear understanding of the customer and the construction site, construction technology, geological analysis of the serious. Our technical department for the customer to develop hydraulic impact hammer construction process program, customers in many research programs, a high degree of recognition of the hydraulic hammer hammer construction process. At the end of March the company delivered the hydraulic hammer to the customer's construction site, using the piling method. In more than a month through the construction of the analysis, hydraulic hammer piles fully meet the construction design requirements. Successfully solved the customer's construction problems, for the smooth implementation of the project escort customers!

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