Hydraulic Impact Hammer

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Detail Description of Hydraulic Impact Hammer

Hydraulic impact hammer adopts advanced compact-structure hydraulic system. It meets the requirement of construction from all kinds of materials and in all kinds of complicated geological conditions. It can drive precast concrete piles, steel pipe piles, straight piles, and marine piling. The stroke of the hammer can be steplessly adjusted in the wide designed range. The hammering rate is also adjustable. Hydraulic impact hammer is convenient for operation. Manual mode and automatic mode are optional. It also has merits of low noise.

HHP160's Ram weight is 160T, which is fit for Ocean, Wind Power base construction project. Welcome too contact us for more information.

Data Sheet of Hydraulic Impact Hammer

Hydraulic hammerMax. Strike EnergykN.m4860120150180210240
Max. Stroke of hammermm1200120015001500150015001500
Strike frequency (max./min)bpm90/3690/3690/3690/3690/3690/3690/30
Ram Weightkg40005000800010000120001400016000
Lifting Hydraulic Cylinder
Single Lifting Hydraulic Cylinder
Height of hammer -A (w/o Pile cap    )mm4820513065957320746074607520
Hammer weight (w/o pile cap)kg700082501290016420181002100023650
Trip gear weightkg390390595630630630690

Hydraulic hammerMax. Strike EnergykN.m270300------------------
Max. Stroke of hammermm15001500------------------
Strike frequency    (max./min)bpm90/3090/30------------------
Ram Weightkg18000200002500030000350004000050000160000
Lifting Hydraulic Cylinder
Double Lifting Hydraulic Cylinder
Height of hammer -A (w/o    Pile cap )mm78107990------------------
Hammer weight (w/o pile    cap)kg2680029500------------------
Trip gear weightkg690690------------------

>> To See More Information of Technical Data and Dimensions
>> Please Contart us with Specific  Model

1. Wide Range of Pile Driving Application
2. Multi-fuctional and Controllability
3. High Energy Transferring & Durable Cushion Material
4. Long-term Reliability
5. Environmental Friendly                                    

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Tube Pile, Square Pile, In Situ Pile
Steel Tube, H-Pile, Raking Pile                                    

Salvador Chua
I would like to inquire for what products we should purchase for our project for Philippine port. Our piles has a dimension of .40 x .40 and .45 x .45. Please send us a quotation and product specification together with their product total weight. Thank You.
2016-03-09 15:51:12
2016-04-11 13:52:32

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