Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer

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Detail Description of Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer

Hydraulic vibratory hammer is a pile driver and extractor widely used in all kinds of foundation construction projects. It liquefies the soil around the pile by periodic excitation force, thus reducing the friction between pile and soil. The pile is plunged into the soil by its own weight and the hammer weight. An additional downward force can be exerted when necessary. If upward force is exerted on the pile, the pile can be pulled out from the soil. The product generates little noise or pollution while piling. It has the advantage of being able to work underwater.


Our hydraulic vibratory hammer adopts hydraulic components with global prestigious brands to ensure the system's stability. Most components are standard components, convenient for replacement and maintenance. The specially designed hydraulic oil circuit system contributes to strong and stable excitation force, with working efficiency of over 90%. The finely designed structure gives the hydraulic vibratory hammer small volume, light weight and easy operation. The frequency and amplitude of vibration can be adjusted steplessly. Our product can be conveniently mounted on the arm of excavator to make use of the driving force of the excavator ‘s own hydraulic system.

Parameter Table of Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer

Technical Data
Eccentric Momentkg.m5.
Max.Centrifugal ForcekN35040053035040053060070040080015202498
Amplitude w/o clampmm14.217.520.317.120.723.9273120.723.320.834.6
Amplitude with clampmm9.712.114.41113.516.119.622.513.517.515.823.2
Max.Line Pull of ExtractionkN1201201201201201201201201204006001200
Max.Hydraulic powerkw9111011691110116116116116214.2408680
Max.Oil FlowL/min1562002001562002002002002003787201200
Weight Without Clampkg1001103010909229681035123012409923870625210120
Total Weightkg1320135014101241128813551550156012474110780214160

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1. Wide Applications
2. High Efficiency of Driving Piles
3. Piling and Excavating Piles
4. High Quality Components
5. Long-term Stable Performance                                    

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Larsen Steel Sheet Pile, H-Pile, In Situ Pile
Steel Tube, Prestressed Slab, Diversion Hole Pressure Pile                                    

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