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STAKRE’s newest video is finished updated on YOUKU

STAKRE’s newest video is finished updated on YOUKU


For more visitors and customers could know our pile drivers more easily, we have updated our products’ video on ( So everyone can watch how are our high quality pile driving machine works online. We have classified our video by 7 playlists including 1 for general introduction and others for 6 series products like HHP Hydraulic Impact Hammer, SV Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer, HD Diesel Hammer, LH Crawler Piling Machine, YZY Hydraulic Pile Pressing Machine and Foot-step Piling Rig.

We will update more videos about our projects and new products, please keep on tune. Let us and our products help your projects goes more smoothly, and more efficient.

Next, we will rush in for more languages. Hello World, we are coming!

01 General introduction

02 HHP Hydraulic Impact Hammer

03 SV Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer

04 HD Diesel Hammer

05 LH Crawler Piling Machine

06 YZY Hydraulic Pile Pressing Machine

07 Foot-step Piling Rig

starke's pile drivers video

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