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STARKE mine hammer/rock breaker - New solution to break the hard rock

STARKE mine hammer/rock breaker - New solution to break the hard rock


The government limits the use of explosives,

Existing equipment cannot meet construction requirements

Has it become your trouble? !

STARKE mine hammer/Rock Breaker - there is a way to open a mountain rock

! ! !

STARKE Mine Hammer Breaking Industry Subversive (ZC50)

Our advantage 


Strong ability to strike

-120KJ is 3 times more powerful than the traditional 195 breaker.


Construction speed

-ZC50 mine hammer measured construction data: Fujian granite 250m3 a day, bluestone 450m3, sandstone 100m3, traditional broken hammer is not enough speed? Sparta is coming! ! !


Configure the excavator tonnage

- Excavators from 40T or more can be equipped with our hammers. As long as you have a excavator , we have the hammer!

Self-contained power system, no burden on the oil path of the heavy excavator;

No need to press down on the boom, not to hurt the excavator system!

 ZC50 diesel mine hammer action video

New products are coming.

(HHR8, LR130)

In the future, STARKE will focus on the mining market, which involves mining, real estate basement, highway widening, stone fields, and municipal roads. Please kindly note our NEWS.

Guangdong LiyuanSTARKE

Piling Equipment Intelligent Manufacturer


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