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STARKE’s Staffs Actively participate in charity activities

STARKE’s Staffs Actively participate in charity activities


 It’s spring time inChinanow. There are greens and flowers everywhere. Foshan City in Guangdong, next to Guangzhouorganized a charity 50KM-walking event on March 26. To show the beauty of Foshan city which is developing fast and modern, and Contributions focus on charitable activities.


Guangdong Liyuan Hydraulic Machinery Co.,LTD, known as STARKE in international deep foundation equipment field, had supported to the charity strongly. STARKE motivated over 150 employee to join this meaningful activity.


During the event, STARKE as one of the biggest groups fully demonstrate the output of the source culture, unity, courage and hard work, caring for and giving back to the community.

we withstood the challenge, exercise the body; relaxed mood, enhance the friendship among colleagues, demonstrated "power source" vibrant spirits. And won first the team award.


As a Social responsibility enterprise, STARKE will keep on moving, improving technical of piling equipment, ensuring high quality of deep foundation equipment and will release more new pile driving machine , deep foundation methods to make your project go easily and effecttly.


Welcome to visit us and contract us for more informations.

--Lieven Lai

STARKE‘s group

STARKE group CEO and International trading manager

Starke piling machine staff

Destination of the event

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